Available settingsΒΆ

IMAGESTORE_UPLOAD_TO (“imagestore/”)
Path for uploading images
Number of images in one page (album/user/tag view)
Number of albums on page (index view)
If true, imagestore install handler on launch, that grant add/change/delete permissions for Album and Image models for every created user (with this permissions users can create personal galleries, if you don’t want it set this settings to False).

Here you can set template that imagestore templates will inhert. Imagestore templates expect next blocks in basic template:

  • head (inside <head> tag for scripts and styles inserting)
  • title (inside <tilte> tag)
  • breadcrumb
  • content (main content)
  • content-related (this block used for tag-cloud, user info and create/edit links)

Show user info (such as avatar, link to profile and other stuff) Default template expects that profile has avatar ImageField and get_absolute_url method You can customize view it by overriding imagestore/user_info.html template

Notice, that since imagestore version 2.7.4, which supports custom user model, in imagestore/user_info.html passes user variable with current logged in user.

IMAGE_MODEL (“imagestore.models.Image”)
Class for storing images. See extending imagestore for details.
ALBUM_MODEL (“imagestore.models.Album”)
Class for storing albums. See extending imagestore for details.
IMAGESTORE_IMAGE_FORM (“imagestore.forms.ImageForm”)
Form for uploading images. See extending imagestore for details.
IMAGESTORE_ALBUM_FORM (“imagestore.forms.AlbumForm”)
Form for creating albums. See extending imagestore for details.
Load CSS file ‘static/imagestore.css’ in imagestore templates. If you want to use custom theme - disable this settings.
IMAGESTORE_UPLOAD_ALBUM_PROCESSOR (“imagestore.models.upload.process_zipfile”)
Function for processing uploaded zip archives from admin interface. Function gets AlbumUpload model instance and should process file from zip_file field to upload images. For example, you can override this setting to provide function, which do nothing, and process file lately
There is template tag imagestore_alt which automaticly generates images alt attribute based on image title or, if title is empty, on album brief field and (optional) loop counter. Setting determines alt attribute format when brief ({0}) and counter ({1}) are used.