• Install with pip or easy install (All dependencies will be installed automatically, however if you use Python 3 you may need to install specific versions of sorl-thunbmail and django-autocomplete-light):

    pip install imagestore
  • If you use django before version 1.7 we recomment to install south for smooth migrations:

    pip install south
  • Symlink or copy imagestore/static/imagestore.css to your MEDIA_ROOT, or write youre own style (staticfiles supported as well).

  • Add imagestore, django-tagging and sorl.thumbnail to your INSTALLED_APPS. your INSTALLED_APPS should look like:

  • Add imagestore.urls to your urls with namespace=’imagestore’:

    urlpatterns = patterns('',
        (r'^gallery/', include('imagestore.urls', namespace='imagestore')),
  • Set IMAGESTORE_SHOW_USER to False, if you don’t want to show information from user profile or have no user profile.

  • Run:

    ./ migrate
  • Add jquery and jqueryui load to your template to use tagging autocomplete and/or prettyphoto

  • If you want to use prettyPhoto put prettyPhoto to your media directory and include imagesotore/prettyphoto.html to your template